Aftercare For Botox: A How-To Guide

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Like any other procedure, botox requires a certain amount of aftercare to ensure the greatest results and keep you and your wellness at its best. But what are these aftercare steps, how does one go about doing them and why are they important? Many people assume that injectables like botox require minimal effort on the aftercare side of things, so what are these tips and why are they needed? To learn more about the botox aftercare steps we here at Wellsprings Medical Spa recommend, check out the information we have come up with below.

Try To Cut Your Alcohol Consumption

While not drinking before your treatment is always highly advised, so is drinking after your treatment. About 24 hours minimum, to be exact. 

The reason this is an issue is because alcohol tends to have an anti-inflammatory effect. This effect makes your blood get thinner and will, in turn, greatly increase your risk of bruising after botox. This also applies to other anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen, so try to avoid these medications for a minimum of 24 hours post-treatment as well.

Avoid Sun Exposure

When you expose yourself to the sun after getting botox, you are also, just like alcohol, at a higher risk of bruising in your treatment areas. When it comes down to it, experts will always recommend that you avoid any sort of UV/sun exposure for a minimum of 48 hours post treatment. Tanning beds, saunas, and hot baths are a part of this rule as well. Excess heat = the potential for excess bruising, so try to stay in a cool, dark place of your home for a while to let your skin heal from this procedure in order to get perfect results. 

Let Your Skin Breathe

While botox is a lot less harsh than other types of beauty treatments on the market today, it still uses syringes with needles that inject themselves into the skin, causing skin breakage/changes to the skin.

Because of this, it’s important that you give your skin a break for a while regarding skincare. This means taking a break from facials, exfoliants & scrubs, dermal fillers and other types of skin-altering things for at least 24 hours.

Keep Pressure Off The Area

While botox can usually stay in place, this can change if you put too much pressure on the treatment area. The best way to avoid any pressure to the area is by avoiding tight clothes/headwear, massages on the face, and sleeping/napping too harshly on the area. When sleeping, make sure to use soft, light pillows that don’t put too much pressure on the face. If you can manage it, however, try to avoid sleeping on the treatment area altogether.

Let Our Clinic Help

When you require good quality, effective beauty services in the Greater Toronto Area, our professional staff at Wellsprings Medical Spa is here to help. With the best equipment, experience, skills, safety protocols and more, we ensure that your experience with our beauty clinic is relaxing and reliable. To learn more about our cosmetic treatments in Richmond Hill, be sure to call us at (905) 780-6627 today!


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