Getting Laser Hair Removal During the Summer Season

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While there have been some misconceptions floating around regarding laser hair removal treatments in the summer, our team at WellSprings Medical Spa performs Laser Hair Removal in Richmond Hill and we are here to give you the latest scoop. Basically, it is possible for one to receive laser hair removal during the summer months – it’s just important that clients understand the post-care do’s and don’ts. Let us explain. 

Will Sun Exposure Affect My Treatment? 

While it is the best practice to avoid or limit sun exposure during the summer months when receiving treatment, it is also important to take note of the advancements in laser devices. Today, the latest generation of lasers can only target the hair, without targeting the skin. Modern lasers have the ability to focus their wavelengths – which is an important factor to note when considering laser hair removal in the summer. 

What If I Have a Suntan? 

Did you know that there is laser technology available that can work on a suntan? The Soprano® XL is a machine that can effectively work on darker skin. Although, keep in mind that with darker skin, this laser will not be able to work as aggressively as it usually does. Our professional experts would suggest that you hold off on sun tanning until after your treatment or at least for two weeks before treatment. But if you have already tanned, it’s still possible to receive treatment. 

What Are the Benefits of Soprano® XL? 

The Soprano® XL can provide patients with a safe, comfortable, and effective laser hair removal treatment. This gold-standard technology is made to produce long-lasting results on all skin types. Benefits include: 

  • Cooperative on tanned skin 
  • Permanent hair reduction 
  • Fewer treatments required 
  • Suitable for darker skin types 
  • Quick session times 

Can I Go in The Sun After Receiving Treatment? 

No. The sun should be avoided for at least two weeks after treatment. During this time, it’s best practice to still apply SPF 30 or greater so that any risk of sun exposure can have minimal damage. After a laser hair removal session, your skin will be sensitive to heat and it needs to be protected for this amount of time to properly heal. Exposure to prolonged periods of UV rays will cause skin damage. Skin irritants should also be avoided for seven days after treatment – this includes fragranced lotions. 

How WellSprings Medical Spa Can Help 

No matter what hair type or skin type you have, our team at WellSprings Medical Spa has solutions for everyone. During a consultation with our team, we can recommend the best approach that will give you the best results. In order to achieve a “hairless” look on the beach this summer, book an appointment with our team.  

For any questions you have regarding our Medical Treatments in Richmond Hill, our team would be happy to give you answers. Contact our team at (905) 780-6627 today. 


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