Hair, Vein removal and Skin treatments are essential.

A wide variety of skin cosmetic problems can be taken care of using Laser Treatments.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal represents a revolution in hair removal by disabling hundreds of hair follicles in seconds and by promising long lasting results. The laser delivers a non-invasive laser beam designed to eliminate undesired hair from all parts of the body. Anywhere from four to eight treatments may be required, one month apart.



Treatment from
Full Leg $499.00
Full Arms $299.00
Full Face $249.00
Upper Lip $99.00
Chin $99.00
Neck $99.00
Under Arms $149.00
Stomach $149.00
Bikini $149.00


Laser Vein Removal

This new state of the art laser device is able to remove embarrassing unsightly leg veins without painful injections and incision. This system makes it possible to treat a variety of skin types safely and effectively as the laser light leaves the rest of the skin untouched and directly targets and erases spider veins. The energy is delivered by an actively cooled hand piece which glides safely and comfortably across the skin. Depending on the sevrity of the veins, between one and three treatments may be required, six weeks apart. Book a free consultation for more information.
Prices available through consultation
from $300


Laser Skin Treatments

This treatment stimulates the skin to produce new natural collagen. This process is gentle and gradual, leaving the skin soft and toned. This treatment can be done on any area of the face or body where wrinkles are a concern.

Sun Damage, Broken Blood Vessels, Red Facial Veins, Pigmentation
State of the art laser treatment that treats sun damage, age spots and brown pigmentation. This laser will also greatly improve any rosacea and
facial veins.

Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation – combination treatments
combine both of the above treatments for a non-invasive rejuvenation of the skin that will leave you looking years younger by removing wrinkles, sun damage, broken capillaries, pigmentation, and other skin concerns.

Prices available through consultation
from $200