Professor Sohrab Khoshbin Photo

Completing a Ph.D. at the University of Tehran in Organic Chemistry with additional diplomas in Traditional Chinese medicine, Homeopathic medicine, Alternative medicine, Iridology, Reflexology and other alternative modalities Sohrab Khoshbin has 30 years of experience in naturopathic treatments and herbal supplementation.



As founder and president of the Canadian College of Holistic Health, Sohrab Khoshbin moved to Canada from his native Iran in 1980 and began to study alternative and complimentary modalities of medicine.

Applying his knowledge of chemistry Sohrab began to formulate herbal remedies for such ailments as arthritis, Parkinson’s, kidney stones and numerous others. He became Creative Director of Akuna an multinational supplement manufacturer and created a herbal formulation selling internationally.

Sohrab’s flourishing career includes the writing and publishing of the100 Magical Herbs three volume series, the popular book Natural Remedies which is currently being translated into seven languages. Additionally he has led workshops and seminar series in Europe and an patient call in series broadcasted on foreign language television.