Acne Scarring Procedure and Treatments

Acne scars come in various depths and sizes. They may be small and barely noticeable or very prominent.

For both youths and adults, acne is an embarrassing skin condition that can affect self esteem and social as well as professional relationships. Fortunately, with advancements in cosmetic surgery, there are laser acne treatments available utilizing state-of-the-art technology.
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Discover the beauty of a clear complexion and pimple-free skin. Wellsprings Medical is proud to introduce the latest in acne treatment and acne scarring treatment technology with The StarLux® 500 Laser and Pulsed Light Platform.

Considered "the most powerful laser and pulsed light aesthetic system in the world", The StarLux® 500 Laser and Pulsed Light Platform has been designed to target acne and hinder the possibility of future breakouts without the administration of drugs or other harsh creams and ointments. It can also eliminate the appearance of acne scarring.


The StarLux® 500 and Laser Acne Treatment

For the purpose of acne removal treatment, The StarLux® 500 is fitted with the LuxV dual band handpiece. This handpiece, also used for the treatment of pigmented lesions, emits powerful pulsed light at a wavelength that is preferentially absorbed by a naturally occurring chemical in the afflicted skin known as porphyrins. Propionibacterium acnes (P. Acnes), the name of the bacteria related to acne, produces porphyrins to assist in its metabolism. However, when exposed to a specific wavelength of light, these porphyrins change and have a negative impact on the metabolism, thereby destroying it. It is in this way that future breakouts of acne are inhibited. The amount of acne and the number of breakouts that occur gradually reduces over a series of sessions, until the problem no longer exists. Even a single session can achieve dramatic results.

The wavelength of light which the LuxV dual band handpiece emits is at 400-700nm and 870-1200nm, in a blue spectrum. Because of a special cooling system and unique spectrum technology of the device, the skin is not damaged by being exposed during treatment. Patients find that there are few side effects from this relatively gentle acne treatment method, if any are experienced at all. This is a great alternative to acne medications, both topically or orally administered, which tend to have a number of side effects. Photos courtesy of Palomar Medical Technologies, Inc.


Acne Scarring and Laser Acne Scar Removal

You used to have acne, but luckily you do not have to deal with that anymore. Unfortunately, what you do have to deal with is the painful reminder of the breakouts you used to have - a complexion riddled with acne scars.
Acne scars come in various depths and sizes. They may be small and barely noticeable or very prominent. Prominent scars generally have a different texture from surrounding unaffected skin and can also be in the form of pockmarks or depressions. Any pockmarks or roughness that appear are the result of an alteration in the skin's collagen structure.
Discolouration is also quite common. Some extent of discolouration is almost always a feature of acne scarring and may be lighter or darker than the unaffected skin, highlighting the problem.

To treat acne scarring, Wellsprings Medical features the Palomar StarLux® 500 for laser acne scar treatment. Fitted with the Lux1540™ Fractional Laser Handpiece, the device has been designed to remove the appearance of unsightly acne scars without damaging the top layers of skin. This form of nonablative skin resurfacing to treat acne scars involves little to no downtime so you can get right back to your normal activities immediately after a session. It is virtually painless and has been designed to leave your skin smooth, even-toned and free of blemishes. In some cases, treatment may also require another type of procedure to be most effective (this will be discussed with you during your complimentary consultation with a Skincare expert).
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After Treatment

Following a laser acne scarring treatment session, your medical aesthetician may recommend a skin care product to assist in recovery. Wellsprings Medical offers Vivier and SkinTx skin care products. Both lines are pharmaceutical-grade and contain effective ingredients that are suitable for all skin types.
All products have been designed to penetrate the skin not only at its uppermost layer (stratum corneum), but also to the lower layers.