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Our simple cosmetic procedure eliminates ugly blemishes permanently.

Spider veins exist closer to the surface of the skin than varicose veins and are smaller, appearing as unsightly blemishes. Because they are dark, many find them difficult to conceal and can be embarrassing. Think they are a lost cause? Not with the Lyra ND: YAG Laser and The StarLux® 500, both the most advanced laser and pulsed light platforms for Laser Vein Removal at Wellsprings Medical!


The Lyra Nd: YAG Laser

Wellsprings Medical's Laser Vein Removal procedure with the Lyra Nd: YAG Laser and The StarLux® 500 is a simple cosmetic procedure to eliminate those ugly blemishes permanently. No matter what skin shade, spider veins disappear, leaving your skin flawless as it's meant to be.
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The Lyra Nd: YAG Laser system is a hand held device with an added cooling tip to optimize safety and comfort during Laser Vein Removal at Wellsprings Medical. The thermal effect of the laser on the skin is lowered while the laser enters through the skin and penetrates the vessel targeted, with a 1064nm wavelength. The Lyra Nd: YAG Laser heats up the blood within the spider vein so that it coagulates inside the vessel, collapsing and sealing unsupported vessel walls. Eventually, these vessels disappear completely by dissolving within the body. During a laser spider vein removal procedure at Wellsprings Medical, the only sensation felt when exposed to the device is mild stinging and burning. While it is minor, a topical anesthetic cream can be applied to further reduce any discomfort.
The results from treatments with the Lyra Nd: YAG Laser system are unparalleled. Unlike traditional treatments and other lasers used for laser spider vein removal, the Lyra Nd: YAG Laser system completely eliminates or minimizes painful side effects, redness and bruising.


The StarLux 500

The StarLux® 500 for the clearance of unsightly leg veins also emits a laser at a 1064nm wavelength. The platform is fitted The Lux1064™ Nd:YAG laser handpiece which has been designed to remove a variety of leg vessels. Hemoglobin in the targeted leg vessels absorbs the optical energy emitted by the device, resulting in constriction of the vessel and a blockage of blood flow. From light red to dark blue, simple or intricate, the appearance of all unwanted vessels can be eliminated. Unaffected skin is protected by the Advanced Contact Cooling™ system, providing ideal protection from the heat of the laser.
After The Laser Vein Removal Cosmetic Procedure
The appearance of treated vessels will change shades, turning from blue and purple into light red, then eventually disappearing in two to six weeks. Within a few hours following the procedure, bulging vessels or any inflammation will disappear.

Like many procedures involving heat, protection from the sun is highly recommended after a laser spider vein removal procedure at Wellsprings Medical. Healing can be facilitated by wearing support hose. Medication containing aspirin should be avoided. An additional one to three laser spider vein removal treatments can be scheduled six weeks apart to treat new spider veins. Those with a tendency towards vascular problems will most likely require additional treatments.