Laser Hair Removal with CUTERA ND YAG 1064

Laser Hair Removal ServiceDo you feel like you spend half your life in the bathroom dealing with hair removal products that only provide temporary results? Waxing is known to be painful and messy, depilatories end up damaging sensitive skin, and shaving leaves you with unpleasant stubbles.

Electrolysis is an option, but not if you don’t enjoy long sessions of needles shoved into your hair follicles. Sure, the hair will be gone but you’ll be left with bumpy, inflamed skin instead. Explore the most advanced method available today – laser hair removal at Wellsprings Medical Spa.

For a permanent alternative that’s fast, relatively painless, and safe, laser hair removal is the answer. At Wellsprings Medical Spa, we are utilizing the versatile and powerful laser technology: Cutera ND YAG 1064. This system has been designed for permanent hair removal using the most advanced cosmetic technology available today.

Laser Hair Removal Procedure at Wellsprings Medical Spa

The laser hair removal system at Wellsprings Medical Spa destroys or impairs targeted hair growth by delivering computer-guided long-pulse laser light directly down to the hair follicles. The laser beam is absorbed into the hair follicle residing under the skin surface and destroys it with the generated heat. Since the laser is large in diameter, several follicles are affected simultaneously. An automatic cooling system removes heat from the skin surface for the duration of the procedure to protect the skin and reduce any discomfort. As a result, only a mild stinging or burning sensation is felt during the procedure. In most cases, it is so minor that no anesthesia or pain medication is required. However, particularly sensitive skin can be treated with a topical anesthetic cream.

Following the Procedure

Following laser hair removal, the target area treated with the laser is cleansed. Then, normal activity can be resumed without hassle. There may be a slight reddening surrounding the follicles, but this usually disappears in a matter of minutes. As with any treatment involving lasers, protect the treated skin with sunscreen or clothing.

In the weeks following, hair may appear to be growing in the treated areas. This is because the hair follicles are lifeless, this, in fact, is simply the body attempting to cast them off to get rid of them. They will easily fall out. However, if the hair does not fall out, it is hair that was not targeted during the procedure.

Hair not in its growth cycle cannot be targeted by laser hair removal. Therefore, more treatments may be required in order to obtain the results desired. The number of sessions will also depend on hair density, hair color, skin types, the treatment area, and your hair growth cycle.

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