Our revolutionary new way of removing wrinkles and tightening the skin.

Laser Skin Tightening Service Richmond HillYou can defy time. At Wellsprings Medical Spa, the revolutionary new way of getting rid of wrinkles and tightening lax skin is now available. Experience the power of laser skin tightening. The appearance of stretch marks can also be treated with laser skin tightening.

Fractional Laser Skin Tightening

The StarLux® 500 uses the power of pulsed light at a specific wavelength (850 – 1350 nm) to gently coagulate the tissue in the dermis and hypodermis, the layers of the skin beneath the top layer, known as the epidermis. The infrared light emitted by the device is in the shape of columns which allows it to deeply heat the targeted soft tissue, thereby initiating the body to generate new tissue. It is this process, known as soft tissue coagulation that results in the tightening of lax skin in any area of the body and face. The depth at which the light extends can be modified according to the targeted site, measuring up to 6mm.

During the procedure, patients generally experience little discomfort because a cooling system is attached to the device that protects the skin from the heat of the pulsed light before, during, and after each exposure. You may, however, experience some degree of warmth in the area that was treated. There may also be tightness and redness. All of these side effects will fade in the hours following the laser skin tightening procedure.

To achieve optimum results from fractional laser skin tightening, it is recommended that you undergo a series of sessions, with treatments spaced several weeks apart.

The StarLux® 500 for Laser Skin Tightening

The StarLux® 500 is multifunctional. This revolutionary laser and pulsed light platform have a number of different handpieces that each targets a specific problem afflicting the skin. The LuxDeepIR™ Fractional Infrared Handpiece is designed to specifically correct lax skin. It is unique when compared to traditional laser skin tightening devices because it emits several small beams of infrared light rather than a single large beam. As a result, faster healing typically occurs. The short recovery time makes the StarLux® 500 the current leader in laser skin tightening, a great alternative to more invasive surgical methods.

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