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Leila is a certified Medical Aesthetician since 2008. She Studied Nursing and Medical Laboratory as well and committed to cosmetic practise with her strong understanding of Medical biology, Laboratory and safe nursing work.

Leila is an expert in ND-YAG Cutera laser technology performing vein, hair removal and skin rejuvenation. She continued her profession by practicing with different technology such as IPL, Limelight, light Sheer Diode, Sharp Light .Leila would be happy to provide her professional advice on the best treatment methods specific to your hair and skin conditions with over 17 years of experience in the medical aesthetics in Canada. She understands the fine balance between the sciences of injectables in combination with artistry.

She joined The Wellsprings Cosmetic Clinic in 2008 and specializes in a natural approach to cosmetic science. Leila is A Clinical Manager of Wellspring Medica Spa and she supervises the day-to-day activities of a Medical Clinic facility by handling both medical and administrative tasks. She now has industry specializing in laser and radio-frequency technology and is a certified botox injector. She is highly skilled in her field and is continually researching and implementing the latest Method of Teaching medical Laser technology in order to provide the most advanced Technique to all of her students.

Team Information

 Medical Aesthetician / Medical Clinic Manager
 Email: bears@gmail.com