Dr Professor Sohrab Khoshbin

Holding a Ph.D. from the University of Tehran in Organic Chemistry and 25 years of experience in Alternative medicine, Nutritional therapy, Herbal medicine and earning diplomas in Chinese Medicine and Homeopathic Medicine, Iridology, Reflexology and other alternative modalities.

Professor Sohrab Khoshbin

is the founder and president of the Canadian College Of Holistic Health. Sohrab Khoshbin moved to Canada from his native Iran in 1980.

Since that time he has worked tirelessly in educating himself and others about alternate forms of medicine. He has written four books about the uses of herbs and natural remedies entitled 100 Magical Herbs (three volumes) and Natural Remedies which are being translated into seven other languages. Among many other things he is the inventor of numerous herbal remedies for arthritis, Parkinson's, AIDS and many others. Sohrab Khoshbin is also currently working as the Creative Director of Akuna, an international supplement company.

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